The Enterprise

About the company

"Aircraft Repair Plant № 405" (Joint Stock Company) was founded in 1939 on the basis of aircraft repair workshops. Currently, the plant has unique repair and technical base and is a leading certified and licensed repair enterprise in Central Asia.

"Aircraft Repair Plant №405” JSC has 40 years of experience in maintenance and repair of helicopters:

* Mi-8 MTV-1 * MI-171-E
* Mi-8MTs (MD) * Mi-17V-5
* Mi-8T * Mi-17-1V
* Mi-8P * MI-17
* Mi-8PS * Ka-32A11VS

The enterprise occupies an area of over 70, 000 square meters adjacent to the International Airport of Almaty. Production area is equipped with all the necessary technological tools, tooling and equipment and makes up for more than 18, 000 square meters, where overhaul, maintenance and upgrades of up to twenty Mi-8/17 can be carried out with ease and all at the same time. The enterprise includes the following production (warehouse) facilities and areas:

• Warehouses for the storage of products:

• Hangar for disassembly of aircraft;

• Hangar for assembly operations on aircraft;

• Production complexes for aircraft equipment repair;

• Hangar for painting works on the aircraft;

• Flight-test division area for parking and test flight(racing) of helicopters;

• Central Plant Laboratory.